California Split (1974)

Spotted: Coca-Cola menu board, signs, cups and vending machine
in the Movie: California Split  (1974)
by: coca-cola-movies

The Lords of Flatbush (1974)

Spotted: Coca-Cola indoor and outdoor flange signs, coke bell-shaped glasses
in the Movie: The Lords of Flatbush  (1974)
by: coca-cola-movies

Footloose (2011)

Spotted: Painted sign, Coca-Cola and Sprite cans, Coke sign and cups, Honest Ade bottles and Honest Kids
in the Movie: Footloose  (2011)
by: coca-cola-movies

Fallen Angel (1945)

Spotted: Coca-Cola sign and framed poster
in the Movie: Fallen Angel  (1945)
by: Jamie Heidt @ Spotting Coca-Cola in the Movies
Courtesy of Jamie Heidt 
Courtesy of Jamie Heidt